The school day operates from 8.45am - 3.20pm. The children have a morning break and lunch break during the day. The total hours for the week is 32 hours and 55 minutes. 

The Melbourne Infant Curriculum

Please see the documents below for our Curriculum Statement and our curriculum. If you would like further information about our curriculum please contact Mrs Gibbs.

Curriculum Information

Organisation of the Foundation Stage Classes in school.

The school currently has two Reception classes - The Zebra and the Penguin Classes. All Reception children spend their mornings together in the Reception unit.

The classes have daily teaching sessions with their class teacher. The morning sessions include skills based sessions in Literacy, Mathematics and Phonics. In the afternoon, the teaching focus is linked to the termly topic and will be based on Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Creative Development.

The children have periods of continuous provision, with access to the whole Reception unit for a range of open-ended, self-selected, play-based opportunities covering all areas of the Early Years curriculum. The Foundation Stage has its own purpose-built outdoor area which is accessible to all children for sessions during the day. Children will also be involved in directed group work activities throughout the week.

Children are involved in a weekly PE session, and after the Autumn term, attend some whole school assemblies each week.

Each day is brought to a close with a story and singing session before home time.

Organisation of the Key Stage One Classes across school. 

The school currently has 5 classes in school with Year 1 and 2 children in them. There are two Year 1 classes (Toucan and Tiger) and three Year 2 classes (Chipmunk, Koala and Squirrel). The organisation is reviewed annually and this is very much dependent on the number of children on roll during any one year.

As in the Reception classes, the morning sessions include many English and Mathematical teaching and activities. Children work in mixed ability classes and teaching is differentiated to meet the needs of the children within the class. All children participate in a phonic session daily from Monday to Friday of 25 minutes (Please see the phonic page for more information). 

The afternoon sessions encompass all other subject areas in our ‘Creative Curriculum.’ This means that children will not have separate subject lessons for science, humanities, art and design technology, but rather that they will take part in more topic based activities which incorporate key skills and knowledge in learning across the curriculum. This enables the children to develop independent skills which they can apply to any activity rather than focussing on separate skills for separate subjects. Children do however still receive separate lessons in Music, P.H.S.C.E., P.E, Computing and R.E. 


Blue Learning Team Curriculum Documents - Chipmunk, Koala and Squirrel Classes (Year 2)

Green Learning Team Curriculum Documents - Tiger and Toucan Classes (Year 1)

Red Learning Team Curriculum Documents - Zebra and Penguin Class (Reception)